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I'm not making the sales I need

There can be many reasons for this:

  • Your core product is not yet market ready
  • Prospects are not seeing value in what you're offering
  • Your sales team are not clear on the value of your product in the market
  • You haven’t defined and/or sized the markets you are selling to
  • You are trying to sell to everyone for everything and price is your differentiator
  • You are not clear on your competition's strengths and weaknesses
  • You are not clear on the problems your product/service is solving for customers
  • Your marketing is not focused in the right areas
  • Your sales reporting is not giving you enough clarity on sales team performance
  • You don’t have sales pipeline management metrics in place
  • You don’t have the right people in place

I am losing customers

It costs 4x the cost of maintaining a customer to replace a customer. It is extremely unlikely that you will retain all of your customers but you need to ensure this is minimised:

  • Your product/service is not solving the customer problem (aka you are selling to the wrong customer) 
  • Your customers are not using the product to its full extent 
  • Your customer is not seeing the value you are delivering
  • Your teams do not have the right level of customer service focus 
  • Your product has quality/ availability/ performance issues 
  • Your competition is aggressively targeting your customer base (and winning)  
  • You don’t have a customer satisfaction measurement program in place 

My staff are leaving

You’ve read the stats regarding the cost of staff turnover, and, if you’re reading this, you know the pain unwanted turnover is causing your business. Are any of the following points true for your business?:

  • Employees seem demotivated and disengaged 
  • Staff complain of a high administrative load
  • Staff are unclear on the vision and values of your company
  • Cross functional teams are not operating cohesively 
  • There is no new starter onboarding and training program in place
  • There is no clear career path in place for your people 
  • You don’t know who your best performers are

My staff are busy but where are they spending their time?

Managing the utilisation of your staff is critical to ensure you can deliver on customer commitments and, importantly, to maximise your financial returns and avoid unnecessary hiring.

  • Are your teams spending unnecessary time on manually completing repetitive tasks?
  • Are you aware of the efficiency of your development effort?
  • Have you got insight into the time spent on client work versus internal activities?
  • Do you know how much time your development team is spending on core product versus quality issues?
  • Do you know the billability ratios of your professional services teams?

I keep getting surprises (and not the good kind!)

Have you got regular, accurate reporting that gives you early insight into the health of your business? 

Do you understand your cashflow and how long your cash will last?

Do you have lead reporting that gives you a heads up on the challenges ahead? 

Do you have confidence in the information you’re getting 

Have you got it at hand, can you pull a report quickly 

Can you make decisions on the spot because you’re confident in your data?

Is your board reporting simple to produce? 

Does it highlight all the elements that a board needs to see? 

I need to raise capital

You are off and running and now need an injection of capital to take your business to the next stage.  Do you have everything in place to raise the capital you need?

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